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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Commonly Asked Q's:

    1. How should I contact you?

    Our form is our preferred option, but you are also able to call with questions at (844) 935-2345.

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    2. What states do you buy in?

    Here at We Buy Houses 7, we work in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada. We have hundreds of happy customers in each state, from all kinds of backgrounds. Our goal is to make your home selling process hassle free, quick and provide great customer service. We'll connect you with local, vetted home buying investors in your specific market. We also work with your ideal timeline and tailor to your specific needs.

    3. What info do I need to provide?

    Our form was a great first step! To align the best fit cash buyers in your local market, a few more details will be helpful, such as how long have you owned your property, what the current condition of the property is, how soon you'd like to sell and the top reason you're looking to sell. You may be asking yourself, "Can I sell my house in just 7 days?" Here at We Buy Houses 7, we strive to provide fast timelines and work around your schedule!

    4. Am I tied to a contract?

    There are NO obligations during this process and you will not be tied to a contract. Once you receive your all cash offer, you decide if you want to continue to the next steps.

    5. Do you buy homes in any condition?

    Our home sellers each have unique situations. Some have faced foreclosure, recently inherited property, some have dealt with hoarding and financial problems. Avoid the hassle and extended timelines of real estate agents. We pay all closing costs and work with your ideal timeline. We Buy Houses 7 is here for you to give you a quick sale and happy selling journey!

    6. What do you charge?

    0% commission fees, no closing costs and no repair costs! Seriously, we cover it all here at We Buy Houses 7!

    7. How is my offer created?

    Here’s exactly how we calculate your cash offer:


    βœ“   After Repair Value: Your home's market value, after we finish repairs and renovations.

    βœ“   Repair Costs: After finding out all the details of your property, we then estimate what our cost will be to renovate your home. We pay all repair fees!

    βœ“   Selling Costs: We estimate the total value of selling commissions, excise tax, property tax, utilities, insurance (title and property and escrow fees). This is usually about 10% of the ARV. We pay these too!

    βœ“   Return on Investment: We are transparent on everything we pay, including what we pay our contractors, and how we are able to keep our business running!

    8. Who are your home sellers?

    Anyone needing to settle an estate.

    Those who owns multiple homes, or needs home repairs.

    People who experiencing tenant issues.

    Those who may be facing foreclosure, or are late on payments.

    People facing title issues or have a lien on their home.

    Those going through a divorce or starting the process of seperating.

    9. Are repairs needed?

    No, repairs are not necessary. If your property needs repairs or renovations, we complete and pay for it all! Just let us know the current condition of your property and we'll handle it from there.

    10. Do you have experience with hoarding situations?

    Yes! Let us know the details of your property and we will tailor to your unique needs. No matter the current condition of your home, we are interested in connecting and hearing more!


We Buy Houses Fast!

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